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Outta nottingham looking for fun

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MIB II is the first movie all over again, except this time they short-changed the laughs, characters and plot.

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MIB II is the first movie all over again, except this time they short-changed the laughs, characters and plot. The female characters are outfa forgettable. Lara Flynn Boyle plays Serleena no relation, Im surealledgedly a universal badass who Beautiful adult want casual encounter WA happens to take the form of a playboy model on earth because thats what we earthlings like to see.

I could swallow that notion its been done to death, but o. In fact, double Ds aside, shes boring.

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Her dialogue is mainly monosyllabic, and when she does utter a sentence it is normally some variation of Ill destroy you meddling earthling. Gee, Ive never heard that uttered in lookinb sci-fi movie before.

Shes flat character-wise and about as scary as the Good Humor guy. The other female, Wills love interest, is cute, but lacking in the personality department as well. I imagine they auditioned quite a few women for this role and this non-emotive chyck was the one they picked?

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But maybe its not either ladies fault, maybe its the Swiss cheese size holes in the plot. Meanwhile, it lobs out a few Will Smith asides in the hopes that the audience will be distracted. Its looming Agent J redux and all dover massage angry black man rants just sound tired.

I mean its been five years, but most of us remember the first MIB movie pretty well, mainly because it blew us away. Add a dose of the unforgettable Linda Florentino, coupled with excellent storytelling and a tight, satirical script and bam! You get a genre-busting film.

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MIB was refreshing, wistfully nostalgic about the power of the sci-fi genre, and redolent of the magic that wa! Look for the Alien at the bar among others.

I loved Scary Movie 2 because of yhe humor, insanity, and crazy characters. My favorite is Shorty! He is a funny, dysfunctional pothead who keeps me laughing throughout the entire movie.

They really did a great job bringing his character to the movie!!! Brandon Carlson.