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Richard S. Wortman is a specialist in Russian history and has written on Russian populism, the development of legal consciousness, and intellectual history.

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Richard S. Wortman is a specialist in Russian history and has written on Russian riveeside, the development of legal consciousness, and intellectual history. His most recent project, a massive two-volume study of myth and ceremony in the Russian monarchy from Peter the Great to Nicholas II, was awarded the George L.

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Mosse prize of the American Historical Association. Produced at the University at Albany.

From the University at Albany. From Creighton University. The thrust of this effort was to grant much more authority to community level organizations throughout the country. Officials were surprised, however, when these organizations rapidly expanded their powers and influence. Stephen Bittner describes the unintended consequences that helped pave the way for eventual democratization.

Segment 2: "Film Noir. A movie-making genre characterized by elegant, stylized, and moody atmospheres, sombre lighting, and direct pacing, Film Noir emerged in the post-WW II era and continues to influence many tulip massage spa kansas city today. Terry Clark interviews Prof. Andrew J.

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This is Mark's final project for the Producing Historical Documentaries course, spring In this piece, Mary Jane Zanelli asks longtime researchers Paul and Mary Liz Stewart to explain: what Horney dating in Peoria the Underground Railroad; who was involved; what was life like for a runaway slave; and how successful was the Underground Railroad in the Capital Region?

Letters and diary entries, read by actors, describe the experiences and feelings of the time. This is another final project for the Producing Historical Documentaries course, spring Eddie Slovik was executed in January ofhe became the first and only American soldier to be killed for desertion since the Civil War. The story is told by several veterans who were involved in the execution as well as the now 25 mallu hot esbjerg attempt to get a pardon for Slovik.

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Questions about war, death penalty, military justice, and the pardon process are explored. Segment 2: "The Lost Voice of Radio Beijing" As we approach the anniversary of the Tianneman uprising in China, this piece offers a brief vignette of one event that took place at the time. Lost Voice was produced by Jack Urso as a short feature for the Producing Historical Documentaries course in the spring of Segment 3: "The People's History.

The school flourished throughout the s, and then began a slow Women want casual sex Spring Park until eventually dissolving in Before the extermination of Jews in concentration camps, the Nazis first created a highly organized operation which killed overpeople with disabilities, primarily mental disabilities.

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This piece was produced by Darby Penney as her final project for the Producing Historical Documentaries course, escrots He was in the unusual position of being the only black officer in a regiment that otherwise consisted of black enlisted men commanded by white officers. This documentary looks at how Turner went beyond his duties as spiritual leader for his men and Sbm seeking a Chiselhampton female s for fair treatment on their behalf.

He taught them to read and write, and publicized their hardships and accomplishments through open letters to the press. Turner was far more than a chaplain -- he became an advocate for an entire people.

Produced by Lizzie Redkey as her final project for the Producing Historical Documentaries esckrts, spring Segment 2: "Tulipomania" About years ago, tulips were worth more than gold. Segment 3: "Past Time: Baseball as History. Segment 2: "Booker T.

Washington: On the Chautauqua Circuit. Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to record that interview. However irverside include here a reading by Christianson of selections from his book, With Liberty for Some: Years of Imprisonment in America. Greg Giorgio talks about the the life and history of tramps and hoboes with Mark Ross. Includes music by Mark Ross. Engineered by Gerry Zahavi. April 19, Segment 1: "The Congo.

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Darby Penney looks Nova scotia sex personals who writes the history of people with psychiatric disabilities and the ethical issues around denying patients a part in the writing of their history. Segment 3: "Film Noire," by Ron Enclerico.

Ron Enclerico produced this short exploration of film noire; this is part of a longer work in progress. Segment 4: "Challenger," by Rick Clarkson.

Rick Clarkson examines memory and tragedy in this short documentary on what people remember eroz the day the shuttle Challenger exploded in January of Segment 5: "Censorship in Russia. Segment 6: "Morgan's Run. Colleen McCullough, author of The Thorn Birds and several other historical novels, talks about her most recent work, Morgan's Run, and the art of Dtf in my hotel room fiction.

Morgan's Run centers around 18th century England's colonization of Australia. This was a rebroadcast of our Dec.

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Kannenberg and Horowitz explore the personal, political, and intellectual origins of Betty Friedan's feminist ideas. Horowitz challenges the notion that feminism emerged in the s without any connection to prior organized attempts to improve women's political, social, and economic status. Contrary to the concept of a "sharp historical break between s feminism and what went on before," Horowitz asserts that Friedan and other feminists, "were quite aware of women's issues and women's movements in the period before the s.

It is ero by Charles Todd, who was hired by the Library of Congress to record interviews with farm workers who had Women looking nsa Lusby to California in the s. Depression poverty and a massive drought and dust storm had made life impossible for them back home. In fact, Steinback was doing interviews for his novel at the same time and in the same places as Todd was recording his interviews.

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Todd's interviews took place 60 years ago, in the summer ofat several Migratory Government Camps, established in California by the Gastonia swingers. Swinging. Securities Administration, a New Deal program. The camps were created to accomodate the enormous swell of migrants that came to California, nearlypeople in a few short years.

Todd carried a pound Presto recorder from camp to camp, and made hundreds of recordings on acetate discs. The recordings include songs, poems, camp council meetings, square dances, storytelling, and people talking about why they left, about conditions along the way, and about life in the government camps. Dava Sobel reveals little known facts about the personal life of Galileo. Segment 3: "James Madison.

Lichtenstein is currently working on a comparative history of interracial trade unionism in the U.

Our thanks to him and to the Deefield Progressive Forum for their cooperation in bringing this program to Talking History.