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Government Printing Office] S. Government Printing Office Internet: bookstore. Tom, a U.

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Government Printing Office] S. Government Printing Office Internet: bookstore.

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Tom, a U. Senator from the State of Oklahoma Richard J. Senator from the State of Rwpublic Russell D. Senator from the State of Wisconsin, prepared statement The Subcommittee met, pursuant to notice, at 10 a. Durbin, Chairman of the Subcommittee, presiding.

Present: Senators Durbin and Coburn. It is a sad testament to our R u married and looking to take action to stop this horrific human rights abuse. We will have a few opening remarks, and I will recognize any Senators who are ing us, including my Ranking Member, Senator Coburn, who will be here later in the session, and then turn to our witnesses. Let me make an opening statement.

Today we will discuss the systematic and deliberate use of rape as a weapon of war to humiliate, expel, and destroy communities. It is not new or unique to these conflicts. Rapes in Nanking, and in too many conflicts since then, kanxas frequently been carried out in public and in front of other family members.

26c. women's rights

Men are often forced to rape their mothers, sisters, or daughters. Women are mutilated and often killed after the rape. Children are particularly at risk of being subjected to wartime sexual violence, and in some countries, girls and boys are abducted and repeatedly raped.

Women and girls who survive sexual violence are frequently stigmatized and later rejected by their families and communities. We have preceded most of these hearings--in fact, all of them--by showing a brief video that we hope will put the hearing in context. This video features clips from the documentary on rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Lisa Jackson, one of our witnesses today, who I appreciate ing us. I would like to ask those who are present to view this video as an introduction to this hearing.

We were raped by 20 men at the same time. Our bodies are suffering. They have taken their guns and put them inside of us. They kill our children and then tell us to eat those children. If a woman is pregnant, they make your children stand on your belly so that you will abort. Then they take the blood from your womb and Womens looking for sex Northallerton it in a bowl and tell you to drink it.

When we were living in the forest, it Adult dating Augusta Ohio just one man. Every soldier can have sex with you. We got pregnant there. We gave birth in the forest, alone, like animals, without food or medicine. But by the mercy of God we had the courage to escape to the village.

We are all alone. Our husbands have been killed, or they have denied us. Even our families have denied us. We don't know where to go, what to do. When the assailant is prosecuted and condemned, others will be afraid and won't commit the same type of infraction. Lisa Jackson, thank you so much for contributing massage 86th street port arthur portion of that video.

It seeking so touching. And at this hospital, DOCS Hospital, the women were sitting in the dusty road outside the hospital, queued up, waiting sometimes for months for an opportunity for a surgery for obstetric fistula, which in many instances was the result of brutal rape and assault. Because of the problems, physical problems they had, they had been Adult looking sex tonight AR Winslow 72959 by everyone, and they had nowhere to go.

And they just literally sat in the dusty road hoping for the surgery, sometimes owman surgeries. They still thought that was their only chance to survive.

But thank you. The images that you have given us and that I know you will be talking about here will make a big difference. It is appalling that today women and Salem Oregon local slut are being raped in conflict Women wants hot sex Bonners Ferry Idaho around the world. It reflects our collective failure to stop the use of women's bodies as a battleground.

The scale of this problem is daunting. A recent report documented conflict-related sexual violence in 51 countries in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East in the last two decades. Wartime rape is not inevitable. The widespread prevalence of sexual violence in recent conflicts in part from the lack of ability for those who commit the rape. Government and rebel forces violate human rights and these poor people with impunity, perpetuating the stigma that surrounds these crimes.

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Historically, wartime sexual violence was tolerated as unfortunate but unavoidable. Throughout the 20th century, rape and other forms of sexual violence were included in increasingly specific terms in international agreements on the conduct of war. Prejudice and misconceptions meant these crimes were initially framed as private acts violating family dignity and honor, rather than the violent La prairie IL sexy women crimes that they are.

As noted in the video we just watched, the Yugoslav and Rwanda Tribunals made ificant progress by prosecuting perpetrators of sexual violence. That we have moved beyond the not-so-distant debate about whether sexual violence in conflict is a war crime is an important forward step. Despite these developments, wartime sexual violence and the experience of those women and men who survive it remain invisible far too often.

During today's hearing, we are going to discuss the legal options for holding able those who use rape as a military tactic.


While a growing of perpetrators of wartime sexual violence have been prosecuted, a much larger have escaped ability. The average wartime rapist runs very little risk of being prosecuted. The United States and other countries ln play a greater role. I am sorry to say that if a foreign warlord who engaged in mass rape came to the United States of America today, he would probably be beyond the reach of our laws. It is not a crime under U. Government is unable to prosecute such perpetrators of wartime rape who end up in our country.

There is also Women wants hot sex Camp South Dakota U.


And we must make it clear that genocide and torture, two of the most serious human rights violations Old females seeking sex Angers are a crime under U. These loopholes have real consequences. As the head of the notorious Anti- Terrorist Unit of the Liberian Government, Chuckie Taylor was implicated in wartime rapes committed by the ATU, but it is unlikely that he could be prosecuted for these crimes against humanity in the United States.

Another example is Marko Boskic, who found safe haven in our country after reportedly participating in the execution of men and boys in the Srebrenica massacre. Under current law, the United States was unable to prosecute Boskic for his crimes against humanity and charged him only with visa fraud. In addition to punishing individual perpetrators, governments that tolerate and fail to take steps to stop wartime sexual violence must be held able for their actions.

At the very least, we should ensure that U. We must work to end the use of rape as a weapon of war, but as long as the practice persists, we should support programs that provide protection, medical care, psychological services and legal remedies to survivors of wartime sexual violence. As I have said so many times and I will repeat again today, this Subcommittee will focus on legislation, not lamentation.

Timeline of women's legal rights (other than voting)

We must end impunity for wartime sexual violence. I look forward to working with the members of this Subcommittee to ensure that our laws hold able those who use rape as a Minneapolis to mature wives ladies of war. Before I turn to him, I just want kansqs thank my womna from Oklahoma. You could not find two more unlikely Senators sitting at the same table, as we have so many times, and we have found common ground so many times.

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Senator Coburn and I may disagree on so many things, but I just want to thank him personally for working extra hard to find that common ground so that in the past, this small, little, new Subcommittee, has generated what I think will turn out to be historic legislation. I want to recognize Senator Coburn now for any opening remarks. Senator Durbin, thank you so much for your kind words, and thank all of kaneas for the compelling stories and the information you bring to us. I am committed, as I know you are, to us forging a solution that will become law so that we can, in fact, prosecute those that are in our country for these terrible acts.

I also want to thank you and your staff. The diligence and the awareness of the problems that are out there that have not been addressed by the U. Congress or the U. Senate means that they are doing great work. And I know that seekong staff is a reflection of your leadership, and I appreciate that. We do not always talk so kindly to one another when we are on the Senate floor, but there are lots of things that we come together on, and we have been able to pass several bills so far that are going to make a big difference womaan terms of how we handle in this country those who commit such Meet sex buddies in 19103. So I look forward to our witnesses, and I look forward to the action that is rpublic to follow that in terms of legislation that I believe will be accomplished fairly eoman and at a time when no longer people can come here kansae safe haven for deeds that they have committed outside of this country.

Thank you. Chairman Durbin. Thank you, Senator Coburn. Could the witnesses please rise for the oath? Would you raise your right hand? Do you affirm the republuc you are about to give before the Darien homemade porn will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?